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Here you can find my latest public appareances, interviews,  and conferences.

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Dec, 2021

It's (not) just a game

Panel, invited by XR Safety Iniative

What lessons for Metaverse governance can be learned from video games?

How gaming is changing and impacting our reality?

Nov, 2021

At Home with EFF in VR: Privacy & Surveillance in XR

Panel, invited by Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF's first At Home live-stream event being held in virtual reality. A panel with several experts in XR to discuss how augmented reality and virtual reality technologies may threaten our privacy and create opportunities for unprecedented forms of surveillance. 

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Dec, 2021

Metaverso y el futuro del gaming

Panel, at Festival Power Play 

Organized by Women in Games Argentina.

This panel explored the future and ethics of gaming in the metaverse, blockchain and NFTs.

Dec, 2021

Escuela para Gamers:
Panel Mujeres en Gaming

Panel, invited by YouTube

YouTube School for Gamers, hosted a panel with specialists in gender and video games, to tell their experiences and transmit their tips to grow the world of gaming in an equitable way. 

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